Jan 222014

FZQ Cover ArtThere was a time, some years ago, when I thought I was a poet. More importantly, I loved poetry and enjoyed the company of other poets. So much so that in 1996 I started a poetry website (a “zine”) where I curated the poetry I loved the most. Submissions rolled in day after day and issues were published, at first monthly, then later quarterly. The zine was called Free Zone Quarterly (FZQ) and it was my love letter to all things poetry.

Times change, stuff happens, we all move on to other things. In 2002 FZQ posted its last issue and, some months later, with some regret, I took it off line. The domain, fzqpoetry.com, lapsed and was subsequently bought up by one of those domain-buying robots, with the intention of selling it back to me at a wildly inflated cost. I never took the bait, but it looks like it now belongs to a Swedish blogger. As Uncle Kurt would have said, so it goes…

Very recently, and quite by accident, I fell back into contact with one of the poets whose company I used to enjoy. He told me how much he had loved FZQ and wondered where the archives had gone. I was not sure I’d be able to locate the files in the mess I call my many hard drives. But, as luck would have it, I found the FZQ files very quickly (right where I’d left them – duh).

So, with apologies for broken links, expired email addresses, and even perhaps some bad poetry (but mostly good, I hope) I give you Free Zone Quarterly: 1996-2002 – the Archives. Enjoy.

Linda in NJ

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