May 252013

We spent a couple of days in Chantry, Somerset, visiting with Andrew, Freddy, and their 3 new kittens.

Although the weather was unfriendly, they took us out to see a few sites in the countryside – the ruins of an old ironworks in Mells, the Village of Glastonbury, and Cheddar Gorge.

I’d love to revisit these sites during pleasant weather. But if we were to let good weather dictate our travels in the UK, we would just stay home.

Linda in East London

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May 212013

A gray day for a walk down Hackney Road, but a bit of street art brightened the day.

Linda in East London

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Apr 282013

Last weekend we visited Laurence Harbor, a section of Old Bridge Township, NJ that sits on the Raritan Bay, in view of the Atlantic Ocean. I guess you might call Laurence Harbor one of the “gateway-to-the-shore” towns.

The day was chilly and crisp and very clear. Here are a few photos from our walk. Click on one of the small images to get the slide show.

This photo gallery is enhanced by a WordPress plugin called Lightbox Gallery. It’s the simplest gallery plugin I was able to find and it seems to work well (believe me – I have spent days obsessing over this).

I would love some comments – anyone out who uses galleries in WordPress, please speak up!

Linda in NJ

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