Dec 242013

Mark and I stumbled upon a dyeing technique that yields beautiful results. How did we get there? It started in the sitting room. I made a few huge floor cushions, stuffed with kapok, and covered with canvas drop-cloth fabric (it’s amazing versatile fabric and nice to work with). The cushion covers looked nice in their natural color, but we decided to try our hands at dyeing and accidentally ended up with this:


By “accidentally,” I mean we DID intend to over-dye, but did not have any clue what the result would be. We are both very new to dyeing, other than the occasional tie-dye. In any case, we were more than pleased with the results.

I remembered that I had a yard of bamboo/organic cotton fleece that I had purchased on line over a year ago and had never used for anything. It’s beautiful fabric with a smooth, silky feel on the upside and super-soft on the fleece underside. It drapes so nicely that I thought it would make a nice shawl or scarf. Having no idea how it would take to the dye, we forged ahead. As it turned out, it took beautifully. The scarves are bright, uniquely patterned, and very cozy!



The fabric was cut but not hemmed and  it curls in at the the long edges, which I really like! The scarf can be worn with the smooth side out or the fleece side out. The random patterns look more pronounced on the smooth side, subtler on the fleece side.


Here’s the best news – We ordered more of the fabric and made a limited number of these scarves, which are now available at a great little shop in Highland Park NJ called Through the Moongate at $39 each. Soon they will be available as well in my Etsy shop, possibly on a “made-to-order” basis. Stay tuned… and stay warm!

Linda in NJ

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