Apr 182014

On a recent unseasonably mild April weekend, Mark and I took a drive out to Sandy Hook for a little walkabout with our cameras. Our last stop was Fort Hancock and I was excited to see that restoration seems to finally be in progress.

A Google search for more details about the restoration turned up an article on NJ.com from more than a year ago, an article from the Asbury Park Press from this past January, and this document, submitted by Tom Polk, who provided his recommendations for future use of the historic buildings. I loved his idea about guesthouses and B&Bs. Finally I came across the Fort Hancock 21st Century Advisory Committee Facebook page.

‘Nuff said. I will be keeping up with progress and hopefully attending public planning meetings. Gotta have a hobby, right?

Linda in NJ

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Jul 052013

sea glass

I love sea glass. On our frequent walks along the beach we tend to pick up lots. The pieces that still have sharp edges get either left in the sand or tossed back in the sea for “more work.” Here’s a perfect piece of sea glass – brilliant green and frosted, a lovely triangular shape.

Mark collects driftwood. He has curated some of his best finds on the dresser-top. These pieces make me smile.



Is this treasure or is it trash? A fellow Sandy Hook beach walker curated this thoughtful collection. The crab in the upper right sort of pulls it all together. Quoting David Byrne from the 1986 movie True Stories – “Who can say it isn’t beautiful?”

LindaEve in NJ

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