Sep 242013

It’s been about a week since we started the paper floor project and it’s basically finished. Mark did all the final work – 10 coats of polyurethane, with light sanding in between most of the coats – that took 5 days. What remains is to add quarter-round molding at the baseboard, all around the room. And a rug. And some furniture.


Here’s more of a closeup:


The whole flat still smells of poly, which is remarkably NOT unpleasant (and in fact has quite pleasant associations – my father in his basement workshop, sanding, staining, varnishing).

I have to say, despite its flaws, I LOVE the floor. We plan to do the bedroom next – bigger room with more stuff to move out of the way, so considerably more challenging. But knowing what we know, we will make a better job of the bedroom. The main pitfall to avoid, we found, is working too fast. When laying each piece of paper, the best technique is to work the glue over the paper from the center outward, not too fast and with slight pressure. The outward motion seems to force out any air bubbles and the paper dries nice and flat straightaway, no need to repair.

Bathroom-floor-finishedI was looking at similar floors on Pinterest and found some lovely ideas that would require quite a bit more forethought and leave less room for mistakes. This faux wood look on the the right, for example, might be good to consider for the bedroom…

Once the room is furnished, before the inevitable chaos of cat hair and clutter, I will post some more photos.

Linda in NJ

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