About LindaEve


My name is

I like to play ‘Words With Friends’ on my iPhone.

I read a lot.                                                                           I love to sew.


I have 4 cats and I let them walk all over me. I have a beautiful daughter, Athena (she’s almost as spoiled as the cats) and a charming husband, Mark (him as well), and they are my life.

Welcome to my virtual world.  I will be your online hostess, domainatrix, seamster geek, and den mother for this trip.  All I ask in return for my hospitality is a comment now and then. But no spam, thanks – I’m a vegetarian.

The articles here date back to early 2008, when I opened the blog on the Blogger (Google) platform. When I moved it to WordPress I was able to import all the posts, but a couple years in I had a mighty crash caused by some spammy activity and a big chunk of posts got lost. Undeterred, I rebuilt the site and added a simple plugin for protection that I had not realized was so totally necessary – Akismet. You know how you are always supposed to have virus protection on your PC and never ever ever let it get outdated? It turns out you kinda also need that on your WordPress site. Akismet is your WordPress condom – believe it!

Mark and I run a small independent graphic design business, working from a well-lit corner of our flat, buzzing with computer noise and the purring of content cats. We mostly design websites and you are welcome to drop us a line if you are interested in a new site or freshening up an old one. A few of our site design examples: cellxplore.comevneyecare.com; snowdonpharma.comccl.rutgers.edu.

In addition to posting some fun and diverse articles right here, I am one of a group of writers on the EcoEtsy blog. EcoEtsy is a  global team of eco-minded Etsy sellers, whose mission is protecting the planet by utilizing methods to reduce their carbon footprints in managing their businesses and leading their personal lives. They are just as determined to use recycled materials in their creations as they are about recycling packaging materials. The EcoEtsy blog is a great place to read articles on a variety of subjects that all lead back to living a greener life.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back often or, better yet, get updates automatically – see that pretty green subscribe button top right? I promise not to spam you!